• The Sacramentality of Marathons
    A central feature of the view of reality found in the bible is the interrelatedness of the visible and the invisible, of the natural and the supernatural, of what is created and what is not created.  According to scripture, to be not-created is a reality that only the biblical God is and “occupies” – everything else falls under the category of creation and the created, including the supernatural angelic realm. The difference and distance between God and creation is real, yet there is also an intimate interrelationship between God and creation. This relationship between Creator and created is not that of… Continue reading The Sacramentality of Marathons
  • How We See – Imagination and Icon
    The following is an excerpt from a letter about the role of imagination in how we see the world, ourselves and others, which was written to a young member of the body of Christ who loves to read and write fiction (and who read the Chronicles of Narnia in first grade!) The letter accompanies an icon that was given to her as a confirmation gift.
  • Commitment and Freedom
    I was looking for something this morning while preparing to teach a class on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body this fall, and found the following quote in my journal: This led me to reflect on how we praise those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of our nation and for the sake of others.  We honor the firefighters who went towards the World Trade Center towers instead of away from them on 9/11. We honor veterans and those who have lost their lives through military service. We honor those who give of themselves or lose their lives… Continue reading Commitment and Freedom
  • Marriage, Race and Critical Theory
    The following is a reflection on the current condition of our nation and the nature of a Christian response. This has brought together aspects of my upbringing in Northern Virginia, my experience of marriage and of following Jesus in that, as well as the core ideas behind critical theory and how this has been influencing the race conversation amongst Christians – and all of these things in light of the overall scriptural narrative. I conclude with a response to Apb. Vigano’s recent letter to President Trump.

Header image: Anonymous, Bible de Souvigny: la creation, folio 4V (detail: God creating Eve from Adam’s rib), circa 1180-1200, illumination on parchment, Bibliothèque municipale de Moulins (Allier), public domain.

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