I have been on a journey of transformation since 2008 when my relationship with Jesus Christ was radically renewed during a marriage crisis. During that time, Jesus invited me to follow Him in ways and to places I would never have expected. One of these unexpected turns was that I was led to complete a master’s degree in theology at the John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family in Washington D.C.  On this journey, I have learned that family, no matter how broken and in whatever need of healing, is the greatest gift and the first and most important mission any of us will ever participate in!

I have also learned that marriage and the family is relevant to everything that we are, do and think about! Because of this, along with personal testimony and pastoral encouragement to others in challenging situations, I hope to share here theological, philosophical, and poetic explorations in marriage, family, the nature of love, along with reflections on reality through the lens of gift and sacrament.