Email to a Pastor Seeking Resources on Marriage

This post contains the text of an email, with minor amendments for the sake of anonymity and flow, that I wrote in response to a pastor who reached out asking about resources that can provide help for struggling marriages.   Thank you so very much for reaching out. This is an area that is hard… Continue reading Email to a Pastor Seeking Resources on Marriage

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Language and Reality – Part 1

What is the relationship between words, language and reality? Are our words a matter of our placing an individual, subjective sense of meaning upon a blank-slate reality, or are are they part of a relationship we have with reality and with each other?

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The Sacramentality of Marathons

A central feature of the view of reality found in the bible is the interrelatedness of the visible and the invisible, of the natural and the supernatural, of what is created and what is not created.  According to scripture, to be not-created is a reality that only the biblical God is and “occupies” - everything… Continue reading The Sacramentality of Marathons

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How We See – Imagination and Icon

The following is an excerpt from a letter about the role of imagination in how we see the world, ourselves and others, which was written to a young member of the body of Christ who loves to read and write fiction (and who read the Chronicles of Narnia in first grade!) The letter accompanies an… Continue reading How We See – Imagination and Icon

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Commitment and Freedom

I was looking for something this morning while preparing to teach a class on John Paul II's Theology of the Body this fall, and found the following quote in my journal: “There is the question of the human capacity to make a commitment or to avoid commitment. Can one bind oneself for a lifetime? Does… Continue reading Commitment and Freedom

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Marriage, Race and Critical Theory

The following is a reflection on the current condition of our nation and the nature of a Christian response. This has brought together aspects of my upbringing in Northern Virginia, my experience of marriage and of following Jesus in that, as well as the core ideas behind critical theory and how this has been influencing… Continue reading Marriage, Race and Critical Theory