The Cross

Because you are there
you enter all my suffering
You come to me
This becomes the place where we meet,
where your blood and mine intermingle,
where your Divine and my human meet.

Here at the cross
I join you and you join me
and together we drink the wine of love. 
I give to you my pain, my suffering, my fear, my broken heart
and you give to me
your love,
your word,
your faithfulness,
your body, 
your LIFE.  

Here, where I taste your wine, 
you make the dessert bloom
with sweet flowers, 
flowers of union, intimacy, grace, beauty, forgiveness,
flowers from which white linen is spun.
Here you lift me up into your divine joy, 
you cloth me with your robes,
I see a glimpse of what you see,
and I am filled with hope
as I rest in your arms.

Daughters of Jerusalem, 
do not awaken love until it so desires.  
Daughters of Jerusalem, 
do not reach for resurrection 
without first the crucifixion.

November 2015