The Date

Self Pity tried to take me out on a date tonight, 
but I told him I wouldn’t be going out with him anymore.  
He tried to persuade me; 
he said my true love would not come
and I would wait forever;
that he had forgotten me
and left me here alone, unremembered; 
and that if I would only go out with him, Self Pity, 
we could talk and talk together about old times. 
I said, “No, my true love will come, 
and he will come with a bouquet filled with all of his promises.”
Self pity told me that my love had forgotten, 
and that nothing would ever change,  
but I told him that my true love would not 
fail to show up, 
and right on time;
that he promised he would never leave me, 
nor forsake me.

I used to go out with Self pity a lot.  
He can seem to be so caring at first,
and he can appear to be such a good listener, 
but he always says the same thing 
over and over and over again; 
and I always come home feeling 
just as sad and as lonely 
as when I left.  
It is with him that nothing ever changes! 

He still was standing there at the door, 
as I thought about these things.
He told me that he liked to see me like this,  
all sad and melancholy; 
but I told him that my true love 
had made me for joy,
and that we were planning to go dancing tonight, 
and that I better go put my lipstick on.  
(Self pity has never taken me dancing.)
Self pity said, “Why don’t you just come out
with me for a little while right now, 
and I’ll bring you back before
he comes for you.”
I said, “No, I will not miss one moment
of my true love’s promises, 
and I will wait for him right here
where I am.” and I closed the door on Self pity.  

I turned away from the door and
I went back to getting ready.  
I thought about how sweet every flower
in that bouquet of promises will smell,
any how I will savor every one. 
I love the way his cologne smells, 
and how his warm hands feel holding mine.  
We will dine with the best bread and wine, 
and we will talk and laugh and dance
into the night.  
Then later he will walk me home
in the cool night air.  
He will kiss me with his mouth
and whisper love songs over me; 
and his scent will linger in my heart 
as I fall asleep in his arms.  
So no, Self pity, I have no time 
to spend with you tonight.  
Good bye.

June 2015