The Well

There is a well
with the source
of all that is good,
all love,
all friendship,
all comfort,
all life.
Out of this well pours
everything you are looking for,
every hug you’ve longed for,
every missing caress,`
every good word, every affirmation,
you’ve never heard spoken over you.
This well is full of the water 
that supplies all the life that you need.
Come, come and drink.  
Drink of all that I have for you.  
Don’t hold back.  
You are not your shame. 
You are not what your wounded heart 
tells you you are.
You are not what the world 
tells you you are.
You are not what your 
shame tells you are.
Look in my eyes, 
and drink.
Let me tell you 
who you are.  
Let me heal you. 
Let me show you 
the life that I made you to have.  
Rest in my arms, and I will give to you 
all that your heart longs for. 
The source of this well is my heart, 
so lean in close and listen for my heartbeat.  
You will find it no where else, but in me.

June 2015